MR JONES & SONS is a small, family-owned, full-service tree maintenance and landscape gardening business.

We've been been working in and around South Wales since 2000.

 Services we provide include...


For all types of common Silver Birch, Beech, Rowan and Willow we provide: trimming, felling, pruning, topping, and root removal


For all types of Conifer, Beech, Hawthorn and Privet we provide: hedge reduction or removal. For Conifers we provide: trimming, shaping, crowns raised or reduced in height. Also, complete removal options


We provide full turfing, topsoil, cutting, strimming, weeding & rotovating services.

Garden Borders

We can provide border clearance, supply and lay of forest bark, gravel & chipping laid.

Fencing & Walling

We can service fencing removal, supply and fit of new fencing. We also offer a full fence repair service.

Patios, Driveways & Walls

Construction & laying of new patios and driveways. Also, cleaning and pressure washing services for these areas.

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